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Mobile Trends Awards 2013

Mobile Trends Awards are given annually by contest committee which consists specially invited experts from both IT and mobile technologies fields. In total, awards will be given to about 80 companies in sixteen different categories.

Winners of Mobile Trends Awards 2013

Only products, applications, websites or campaigns created in 2013 by polish companies or subsidiaries of polish companies placed outside Poland can compete in Mobile Trends Awards.

On 16th January 2014 in Krakow, during the Mobile Trends Awards gala, the prestigious awards have been given to companies from mobile technologies industry. The best companies and institutions would get statuette in 16 categories and Mobile Trends Awards gala was held for the third time. During previous editions there were about 130 projects awarded. Several companies that sent in their applications were nominated and the Contest Committee have chosen the winners. The new addition that year was internet users vote – everyone had a chance to give his vote for favorite project or company! The winners of internet users voting got extra points during the competition for the first place and statuette.

Being a part of Mobile Trends Awards is a great opportunity for all interactive and advertising agencies, start­ups, web portals, companies delivering content for mobile devices, producers of mobile applications and all other institutions, promoting and using mobility, to start the New Year from raising value in the industry and getting the award given by industry and for industry connected with broad sense of mobile.

The laureates of Mobile Trends Awards were such companies as: TVN, Knorr – Unilever Polska, Red Bull Polska, Ministerstwo Środowiska, Miasto Kraków, Raiffeisen Polbank Grupa,, Bank PeKaO, Cyfrowy Polsat and many others.

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Mobile Trends Awards rules.

Contest committee:

Monika Mikowska

Poznan University of Economics graduate. Leader of the Mobee Dick mobile agency marketing. Proponent of the BSP philosophy – Beautiful, Simple and Practical mobile solutions. Founder and editor of the first polish study concerning mobile banking applications usability. Lecturer on numerous mobile solutions conferences. Author of the blog on which she presents various aspects of mobile marketing in an easy and accessible way. Monika specializes in the fields concerning usability of mobile web and applications and mobile marketing strategies.

Kamil Brzeziński

co-owner of the Redexperts software house. He worked in such companies as T-Mobile (sales and marketing), Motorola (testing), Alcatel-Lucent (documentation), GG Network (mobile applications programmer and team leader) and recently in Allegro Group, where he was responsible for development of both services and mobile applications. He has also started his own company, offering training, marketing campaigns and mobile applications creation. Thanks to his impressive experience in the field, he knows almost all mobile platforms, their user interfaces and, most important from all, their pros and cons. Kamil loves to test both hardware and software.

Łukasz Kłosowski

Founder of – the first website about mobile marketing, which is now growing rapidly. He was a successful journalist in the mobile field – he was contributing and developing for years, where he was working with telecommunication and internet market. In he was an author of the first studies which are now defining the polish internet market and are an invaluable source of information. If that’s not all, his articles were also printed in magazines such as Rzeczpospolita and Press.

Krzysztof Gontarek

Editor-in-chief and co-owner of Dziennik Internautów (DI). Dziennik Internautów (DI) is a web magazine devoted to internet business, telecommunication and communities focused around new technologies. Krzysztof is working with DI since 2000. He also worked with Web Express magazine, where he led branch of the magazine which dealt with information, called Web Express NEWS. Since 2000 he’s an editor, and from 2004 he’s an editor-in-chief in Dziennik Internautów.

Rafał Pieszczek

Software developer working in French agency Nextedia. He’s worked as a programmer on social media applications used by most popular sites and created mobile websites using HTML5, jQuery Mobile, XUI, Java for Android and PhoneGap. He’s a passionate programmer who transformed his love for programming into his job. Rafał is a also a geek when it comes to innovations and new technologies. When he’s not busy with programming, he fills his time with looking for weak spots in security buffers of GNU/Linux and MS Windows operating systems.

Marcin Bielówka

– Chairmand of the Krakow Technology Park Seed Fund. Leader of the project which aim is to introduce new, innovative companies to Krakow Technology Park. Economist, specialist in the field of funding and investment economics. He graduated from Cracow University of Economics and Information Societies on Jagiellonian University.

Vitaliy Rudnytskiy

As a member of Developer Experience team in SAP company, where he is dealing with several different fields, including development program for Eastern and Central Europe. He’s interested in mobile technologies, Big Data and Fast Data solutions and data analytics and visualization. Wroclaw University of Technology and SGH postgraduate studies graduate. He gained his experience as technical consultant – first in Poland and then in Silicon Valley in USA. Author of numerous articles, Vitai BI blogger, lecturer on conferences held on both sides of Atlantic Ocean. In 2010 he was chosen for SAP Mentors – a group of people who are considered as most influential in SAP technology community. He’s back in Poland for a year now, lives in Wroclaw and spends time on collecting old engravings of the city.

Agnieszka Ferenc

Kierownik Zespołu Rozwoju Produktu Reklamowego AdTotal. Z branżą reklamową związana od 2008 r. W WP kieruje zespołem dedykowanym Mobile, WOMM i SEM. Odpowiada za rozwój oferty reklamowej spółki w w/w obszarach, ze szczególnym uwzględnieniem sektora mobile, rozszerzanie sieci partnerów biznesowych WP w Polsce i za granicą, realizację strategicznych projektów firmy. Tworzyła i rozwijała Multimedialną Sieć Reklamową Wirtualnej Polski, AdTotal. Jest szefową grupy roboczej IAB Polska Mobile Marketing. Karierę zawodową rozpoczęła w Agencji Rezerw Materiałowych, gdzie odpowiadała za przygotowanie i realizację umów i przetargów publicznych związanych z branżą IT. Absolwentka Wydziału Zarządzania Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego.

Robert Rachwał

Jagiellonian University Electronic Data Processing graduate. Owner of ClickMaster Polska – a company that specializes in creating mobile websites for small and medium companies. Author of the study concerning mobile internet (April 2011). He believes that the future lies in the mobile internet. He loves newest technologies and new media. Robert is the originator and organizer of the Mobile Trends Conference and Mobile Trends Awards.

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